About Oregon Impact

Oregon Impact speakers are volunteers whose lives have been impacted by alcohol and drug crashes

Oregon Impact began in 1987 following approval by the Oregon Legislature of a law allowing judges to require individuals convicted for driving while intoxicated to attend a presentation by victims of crashes caused by offenders as a condition of probation or diversion. Over 20 dedicated volunteers contribute to the success of the DUII Impact Panel, which provides 21 presentations each year for court-ordered offenders including sessions geared exclusively for youth and Latinos. These high-impact presentations have provided education to over thousands of violators of Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) laws since the program’s inception.

It has become our mission to manifest the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or prescription medication and the impact it has on families, children and the community.

Oregon Impact speakers are volunteers whose lives have been directly impacted by alcohol and DUII related crashes. They describe their unquantifiable sorrow and share their grief and loss as a result of such incidences. Our work also represents the perspective of those who work directly with crash or trauma scenes and its victims. Victims who are often the offender themselves, thus personalizing the DUII statistic and putting a face to the offense. Our offenders also share their feelings and responsibility over their senseless crime which lead to the death, injury or separation of loved ones.

Oregon Impact is in the business of saving lives by building awareness to the risks of DUII.